Our Sustainable Practices

Protecting our natural environment is a responsibility we take very seriously. So much so that we were the first design firm in Kentucky to earn LEED Gold and an ENERGY STAR for our own office.

As a firm focused on designing sustainable educational environments, environmental responsibility is an integral part of our office culture. Our internal activities have even led the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government to recognize our firm multiple times for leadership in environmental stewardship, including a Green Check Silver Award. Our commitment continues to pay off every day in our personal health, lower energy bills and peace of mind.

For us, the commitment to protecting our environment is personal. Nearly three-fourths of our staff are LEED Accredited Professionals.  In addition, we offer the expertise of WELL AP’s, a Green Classroom Professional, Green Globes Professional, and even a Certified Passive House Consultant.

Our “Green Team” is an internal consortium of designers who are dedicated to research and development, continually searching for ways we can continue to raise the bar when it comes to environmental literacy and responsibility – both for ourselves and for our clients. To us, sustainable design is an inseparable component of good design. Our dedicated Sustainability Coordinator reviews every project to identify opportunities to improve building performance, increase material durability, reduce maintenance requirements and incorporate sustainable materials all while keeping in mind the economic viability of these decisions for our client’s bottom line and continued operating costs.

We believe it’s not just an opportunity but a responsibility to use our expertise to help our clients contribute to the creation of a sustainable future. Education is the key to a sustainable future. We are committed to educating ourselves and our clients so we can create, together, projects that improve the world for future generations. By creating healthy environments, design has the power to preserve ecosystems, reduce absenteeism, combat childhood obesity, increase brain function, and inspire hope that our collective efforts will truly create a path toward sustainability for our school systems, our communities, and our planet.

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