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Master planning is the process of creating a clear picture of a campus’s future. In most cases, development of major campuses occurs slowly over time. Without careful planning, the result can be a haphazard collection of buildings and spaces that have little or no relationship to each other.

Master planning is a dynamic process that begins with the analysis of existing site, buildings, programs and functional conditions. It assesses the location, character and size of existing elements and proposes new structures, amenities, safety features and pedestrian and vehicular traffic patterns to improve and enhance the facility. Master planning responds to cultural, social and organizational issues and opportunities so that the resulting plan reflects the culture of the system that it serves.

At RossTarrant Architects, our extensive master planning experience helps us create well-executed master plans that serve our clients now and well into the future. Master planning takes the guesswork out of growing up gracefully.

To learn more about our master planning experience, please visit our portfolio.

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