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The relationship between a building and its surroundings has a tremendous impact on the way the building is seen and used. The landscape architects at RossTarrant work with the natural and built features of a site to create outdoor environments that are pleasing, functional, safe and environmentally responsible. Utilizing the principals of sustainable site design, they create landscapes that balance natural and built elements in order to preserve natural resources and reduce energy consumption.

In developing a design, our landscape department first analyzes a site’s features including slopes, soils, wind and sunlight direction, drainage, water features, vegetation, and the use of land in and around the site. A plan is then developed that takes not only the site features into consideration, but the architectural elements of the building, structural engineering issues, utility needs and other special conditions such as archeological, historic and cultural conditions as well.

RossTarrant works to create engaging courtyards, outdoor classrooms, trail systems, plazas, amphitheaters and other outdoor spaces that promote wellbeing, learning and interaction. Examples of some of our functional outdoor environments can be found in our portfolio.

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