Parker-Bennett-Curry Elementary School

Parker-Bennett-Curry Elementary School

As the district’s first new elementary school in 40 years, Parker-Bennett-Curry Elementary School is a consolidation of two existing schools—Parker Bennett Elementary and L.C. Curry Elementary.

The new single-story facility was designed for kindergarten through fifth grade. The facility boasts the largest classroom size of any elementary school in the district, meets the district policy of a maximum of 22 students per classroom, and is the first in the district to have separate gymnasium and cafeteria spaces. The school also provides specialized classrooms for ESL, pre-school, and science programs.

Sustainable design was an important consideration for the district. Features include extensive use of natural daylighting and sun shades in addition to the inclusion of outdoor classrooms that are accessible from each classroom area.

Safety and flow of students were also important. A secure front entry ensures safety of the students while the facility design segments the school by age group, keeping younger and older students in different areas.

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Award-Winning Design

2006 Architectural Portfolio
American School & University Magazine

2005 Brick in Architecture Award
Kentucky Masonry Institute


project location

Bowling Green, Kentucky


Bowling Green Independent Schools


64,000 square feet
450 students

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