St. Charles Middle School Addition & Renovation

Originally built in 1949, the condition of St. Charles Middle School has declined over time as enrollment has steadily increased.

The first consideration in the design of renovations to the school was space. The owner sought to eliminate temporary classrooms outside the main building. To accomplish this goal, a two-story addition was designed to connect the existing detached gymnasium to the main classroom building. This new space includes a new administrative area, specialty classrooms for art, sciences, and music, and a new media center. A second addition behind the existing classroom building expanded the kitchen.

Renovations were designed to enhance the entire facility, and updates to restrooms, floor tile, paint, ceiling tile and the sprinkler system were included. The existing gymnasium received new windows.

The improvement of traffic circulation was also a design focus. The school now features three separate drives: one for parents and visitors, one for buses, and one for service vehicles.


Award-Winning Design

2008 Exhibition of School Architecture
National School Boards Association


project location

Lebanon, Kentucky


Marion County Schools


25,000 square feet (addition)
37,600 square feet (renovation)
400 students

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