A.C. Glasscock Elementary School Addition & Renovation

Built in the 1940s, this elementary school was an aging facility with limited space and an outdated appearance. The owner had two goals for the addition and renovation project to expand the facility to accommodate additional students and to give the facility a more modern appearance. The design team also sought to create an attractive, exciting environment in which children can learn.

The design team developed a “primary” concept for the architectural and interior design, incorporating primary colors and shapes throughout the facility. Squares, triangles and circles in shades of blue, red and yellow were utilized in every aspect of the design, from the brick pattern and windows on the exterior facade to the light sconces and flooring inside the building.

The project achieved the goals of the owner and the design team. A dated facility was given a modern look and feel through the infusion of bright colors and shapes used strategically throughout the building. Students now have an attractive, modern facility that inspires and encourages learning.


Award-Winning Design

2007 Exhibition of School Architecture
National School Boards Association


project location

Lebanon, Kentucky


Marion County Schools


21,900 square feet (addition)
33,250 square feet (renovation)
450 students

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