George Rogers Clark High School

George Rogers Clark High School

Interested in a new high school for the district, the Clark County Board of Education sought RossTarrant Architects’ help in selecting a site and identifying the program for the new school.

The new site is a 90-acre property with beautiful rolling hills and relatively easy access to the existing High School. The new facility features flexible classrooms that can be organized by department, grade level or career path. The multi-story facility incorporates a wide variety of sustainable features including natural daylighting, tubular skylights, sun shades, high performance insulation, a reflective “cool” roof, a high-performance HVAC system and two vegetated roofs with integrated water harvesting systems for irrigation.

A wide variety of sustainable design features were featured in the design, including solar shading devices, tubular skylights in the lab spaces, highly efficient thermal insulation in the cavity walls, use of a chilled beam HVAC system in the classroom spaces and a cool-roof.

The new school was designed to be constructed in phases as funding allowed. Phase 2 integrated the district’s Area Technology Center into the main building. Attached to the main building, the ATC fully encloses a central courtyard that is integral to the schools circulation pattern and provides ample space for outdoor learning.


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project location

Winchester, Kentucky


Clark County Schools


245,000 square feet
1,900 student capacity

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