Transylvania University Haupt Plaza

Transylvania University Haupt Plaza

With the renovation of Haupt Plaza, Transylvania University sought to produce an attractive campus center out of what once was simply an existing exterior space. The university, in an effort to create a space for both formal and casual use, intended to provide expanding walkways, new plantings, a central focal point, and outdoor lecture areas.

The removal of existing mature but damaged trees and a large fountain gave way for new landscaping and the addition of a central domed stone pavilion with a bronze campus seal at its center. Due to the high pedestrian traffic intersection of the existing space, broad and easily navigable walkways were designed to be integrated into separate usage spaces for lectures, gatherings, study, individual seating, and plantings. Memorial pavers were included in the plaza design, and both individual and bench seats were organized to define area uses and lecture zones.

Drainage issues for the space were resolved by using a canopy, low plantings for safety, and an area drained into an infiltration basin with specialized plantings. Night lighting was also created to generate the effect of moonlight.


project location

Lexington, Kentucky


Transylvania University

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