Bittersweet Goodbyes

Every year, August proves to be a bittersweet month at RossTarrant Architect as our interns (and sometimes coworkers) set off for new adventures. Their excitement about starting a new semester or moving on to the next chapter in their lives is contagious. We are so happy for them! It’s just that we are so darn sad to see them leave. This year, August’s inevitable departures seem to be tugging especially hard at our heartstrings. They even inspired one of our traditional Friday breakfasts!

Adele Bischel joined us for the summer after completing her Associate in Applied Science at Bluegrass Community and Technical College. Her background may have been technical, but she brought some incredible creativity to our team. Adele quickly proved her design prowess and enjoyed collaborating with architects and designers to create graphics for some of the firm’s most high-profile projects. When the time came for Adele to head off to the University of Kansas for architecture school, we were far from ready to see her go. We all wish her lots of luck at her new school—even though we already know she won’t need it.

Rachel Helton actually joined the RTA family in 2014, just after earning her BA in architecture from the University of Kentucky. Three short years later, she’s heading off to pursue a Master’s degree in architecture at UT Knoxville. Rachel’s skills, dedication and strong work ethic have been an incredible asset to our design team. She has worked on projects for 21 different clients, providing steadfast support and smart design to some of RossTarrant’s most complex projects. We’ve been with her through her wedding, mourned with her over loss of a cherished pet, celebrated the addition of new ones, and spent years developing deep friendships that will last a lifetime. UT Knoxville has no idea what a treasure is heading its way. We will miss you so much, Rachel!

Katie Cervenec has been a core member of the RTA interior design team for well over a decade. In her time with RossTarrant she worked on a staggering 130 different projects with a passion for designing high-performance environments for P-12 education. As a mother to three gorgeous kids—triplets, no less—an active member and volunteer at her church, and a volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House, Katie constantly juggled more responsibilities than most of us could have imagined—all while leading the design of some of Kentucky’s most successful schools. Her dedication, commitment and passion are an inspiration for so many of us. When Katie finally decided it was time to focus more on home and family, it was a decision none of us could possibly fault…but we were still extremely sad to see her go.

We are immensely grateful to each of these women for their creativity, teamwork and friendship. We’ll be watching closely to see what exciting adventures the future holds, cheering them on the whole way through.